Flexible Displays…almost Star Trek

Of course we all can’t wait for the day when we can just pull something up out of thin air and type away. This isn’t close to that, but it’s still cool.

LG has made a bendy e-ink display. It’s small but it might change the way e-readers are designed currently. Most of the weight and size are from the screens being glass. A plastic screen that’s just as clear but is lighter, thinner and can withstand scratching is a much better option. I’m already wondering if Amazon and B&N are talking about new versions of the Kindle and Nook based on this. Premature maybe but they have to be at least thinking about it.

Maybe even Apple is looking into something similar. The new iPad screen is much better on the eyes when reading but I can’t argue against e-ink being better.

Article here.

LG flexible display


Best stylus for the job

I’m an artist. Well, I take that back. I used to be an artist. It’s all still in there but I haven’t sat my ass down and created something in a while.

This year that will change.

I recently got a stylus for my iPad from a friend of mine. I’d downloaded some sketch apps as soon as I got the thing but after a few hours I just never went back. Once I got the stylus, though, I thought “hey, let’s see how good these apps really are.”

Granted I’d seen YouTube videos of some amazing work but doing something myself is wholly different. Needless to say I was hooked. So, after doing a few drawings I’ve decided to upgrade my stylus. Not that I wont use my original one. It’s great for broad strokes. But I’m looking for precision.

My friend EL suggested the Nomad Brush. I checked it out on Amazon and it’s received great reviews. So, I made the jump. We’ll see if it pans out. This whole new medium is amazing to me and yet a bit hard to grasp. Plus…I’m just damn rusty. I’ll post pics of how it goes of course.

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